Friday 14 March 2014

Which political parties are giving cycling a fair go? SA Vote4Cycling

Bicycle SA has provided a summary of the major parties policy positions prior to the election. 

With just a few days to go before the election, Bike SA provides a snapshot of what candidates have registered with our website. To read all the policy positions simply proceed to the link. It should be noted that a number of announcements have been made by sever candidates/party’s directly through the media and these have not been referenced here.

In summary, a total of 10 candidates (1 South Australian Labour Party, 9 Greens) have responded to the online Policy Statements and Initiatives section. Additionally, the Australian Labor Party has provided a formal statement of response.

In summary (alphabetical order);

South Australian Greens
  • Online respondents for the Greens (electorates of Newland, Lee, Wright, Waite, Kaurna, Dunstan, Cheltenham, Port Adelaide, Enfield) will support;
  • Appropriate funding to be allocated to achieve the objectives of the State Strategic Plan and the State Cycling Strategy
  •  Greater regulation to ensure that a mandatory one metre passing distance is required for all motorists
  • The removal of ‘disappearing’ bike lanes on the metropolitan arterial bike network
  • Dedicated (separated) and better maintained bicycle infrastructure on the arterial bike network
  • Programs that get more children riding
  • Greater integration of existing off-road paths that provide linkages across the metropolitan region
  • 1% of the state transport budget to be dedicated to cycling infrastructure and programs
  • A greater understanding of the benefits that cycling brings to the community – health, environment congestion, emission reduction
  • Improved driver education that will deliver a greater understanding of the needs of cyclists
  • Improved ‘end of trip’ facilities

South Australian Labor Party
  • Online respondent for the South Australian Labour Party (electorate of Frome) will support;
  • Greater investment in separated cycling infrastructure to encourage cycling participation
  • Investment that gets more people riding and the significant whole of community health benefits that can be achieved
  •  Formal Policy Statement from the South Australian Labour Party can be found here.

 Liberal Party (SA Division)

While no responses (online) have been received from the SA Divison of the Liberal Party, Vickie Chapman as Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure has stated that.

"At the moment the number of people taking up cycling appears to be increasing and with more bikes on the road we need to ensure all road users are safe. If elected in March, a Marshall Liberal Government will deliver road upgrades that improve conditions for cyclists and motorists. We will work with local councils and the Motor Accident Commission to ensure that our State's most dangerous cycling blackspots are correctly identified, and upgrades are prioritised according to need. We will also work with local councils to identify routes that can be upgraded using the State Bicycle Fund to funnel cyclists and reduce conflicts between bikes and cars on other roads. Creating routes that are designed for cyclists will remove bike traffic from roads that carry heavy vehicle traffic and assist motorists."

Bike SA believes that our Cycle Safe campaign supported by the Advertiser newspaper has significantly highlighted the needs of the recreational and commuter cycling community.

We hope that our website has provided you, the voter, with the opportunity to make a more informed choice come Saturday 15 March.

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  1. Whatever the result in a few hours I would trust that every cyclist should vote for the party that has a solid cycling policy - and that is not the Liberal party judging by what has been sent to BikeSA