Thursday 5 June 2014

A Near Miss - Be Safe Be Seen

CYCLIST Michael Walkden says he was saved from a serious road accident by pure coincidence.

He avoided being hit by a van because he put into practice skills he learnt earlier that day a Be Safe Be Seen Workplace Cycling Safety Session. 

“If I hadn’t taken the program advice on board I would almost certainly have been hit and suffered injuries,” the 38-year-old police officer said.

At the Workplace Bicycle Education session, Mr Walkden learned the most common cause of bike crashes is from vehicles turning right across the path of cyclists.

Riding home after work, he was conscious of the crash fact as he neared an intersection on Sir Donald Bradman Dr, Hilton, he said.

“I slowed right down and it’s just as well I did” – because a van turned in front of him.

The program, by the Motor Accident Commission and Bicycle SA, shares safety tips with 5000 CBD workers a year and free for workplaces.

You can book your workplace session at 


  1. This is precisely the kind of accident I had. On Greenhill rd, during peak hour in the morning. Luckily I am ok but it took me three years to get back on a bike!

  2. I had an accident like that nine years ago - also on Greenhill Road. Ankle will never be 100% again though it is doing ok now.

  3. I had a similar accident on Greenhill Road in February though with a left-turning car. The traffic in my direction (West) was just starting to move from stationary and a car in that traffic darted left into a side street. I hit the passenger door at 35. I'm now very cautious of stationary and slow-moving traffic.