Wednesday 13 August 2014

Amy’s Ride SA 2014: Route map revelations - what to expect

Before we get down with the detail, two new things to remember: 
  • #1 - This year we ride on the NEW refined Southern Expressway 
  • #2 - We finish at Serafino Winery McLaren Vale to music, wine, dine and beer
Download the master route map and plan your ride. Here’s what to expect. 

The revamped Southern Expressway now has traffic flowing both ways - riders on this year's Amy’s Ride SA will be cycling on the resealed south bound side, promising a silky smooth ride.  Time to test out the speed of some fancy machines.  

The first climb up O’Halloran Hill will test the legs early on. The “sweat-o-meter” will be high. Just switch to a lower gear & you’ll be over the top in no time. Chris from Beats Working Mobile DJ will be cranking up the beats to pump up the adrenalin and help give you a final push to
the top. 

From the top, you can look forward to a smooth, mostly downhill run to the end of the Expressway at Main South Rd then onto River Rd, heading towards Port Noarlunga. That’s 21 km of cycling done! Yes to Safer Cycling.

30 km and 35 km riders split off River Rd onto the Sea to Vines Rail Trail bike path where a refreshment station serving up rehydration options will be available. Another 9 km to the finish line at Serafino Winery.

70 km, 100 km and 125 km riders continue on to Port Noarlunga where a refreshment station awaits at Jubilee Park. Drink up and re-hydrate here for your ride along the Esplanade to Moana. Moving away from the beachfront the route heads down Commercial Road and Old Coach Road before re-joining the beachfront again at Port Willunga near the famous ‘Star of Greece’ restaurant. Depending on the queue at the kiosk, some hot chips may be the go. 41 km down!

Next refreshment station is at The Rose Garden, in Willunga, where rehydration and snack options are available to set you up for the ride up Old Willunga Hill. 60 km down!

70 km riders split here down Main Rd and head towards McLaren Vale and the finish line at Serafino Winery where glory awaits. With an average gradient of 7.6%, the ride up Old Willunga Hill covers a distance of 3 km to Range Rd at the top. A nice flat scenic ride along the top of ‘The Range’ takes you to the top of Wickham’s Hill Rd. Watch out for a very steep and winding decent, slow down, take care and observe the advisory speed signs – 35 km or less.

At the bottom of Wickham’s Hill, those needing to shorten your ride can take a left to follow the Escape Route option that will cut down the sprint to finish by half - only 10 km to go this way. Otherwise it’s a short run north to the final refreshment station at Fingerboard Corner and only 20 km remaining to the finish.

The final approach is mainly downhill through Blewitt Springs to McLaren Flat for the last 3 km along Kangarilla Rd to the finish at Serafino winery where music, wine, lunch and accommodation packages are on offer. A weekender at Serafino in McLaren Vale perhaps? That’s definitely another story. 

The 12 km Family Shiraz Trail starts from Serafino - straight onto the Shiraz trail into Willlunga and back.Can’t wait to see the masses at Amy’s Ride SA 2014. It’s more than just a ride. 

Download the master route map and join us for the ride.

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