Wednesday 30 October 2013

Bike SA Barry - From Penny Farthing to Everyday Commuter

Barry as a teenager at the Cream Bowl Festival at Mt Barker.

Now that Ride2Work Day is over, we thought we'd have a chat to one of our favourite BikeSA volunteers, Barry. He's gone from a teenager on a Penny Farthing to an everyday commuter. 

How long have you been commuting by bike and why?

I have been commuting by bike to Bike SA since about 2007. In 2006 when I first started as a Volunteer at Bike SA I would commute by bus and train followed by a walk to Hurtle Square. However, encouraged by my mate who rides in from Golden Grove I thought I would give it a go on the bike. Early trips were a bit of a struggle but gradually improved.

Now I look at the 2 hour ride in either direction as good training for the other Bike SA events that I ride in. Rarely do I use Public Transport and can’t remember the last time.

Tell us about your commute. How long is it and what are your favorite parts?

My commute was originally 2 days a week but now is only on a Wednesday. I ride from Old Noarlunga to Bike SA in Franklin St a distance of almost 40kms in either direction.

I use the Rail Trail, Southern Expressway Veloway, Sturt Linear Path and Westside Bikeway to Grote/Franklin Streets. The best part is a mild day with a tail wind which doesn’t seem to happen all that often.

Barry with bike that he commutes with today. 

Give us your worst and best cycling commute moments.

One of my best cycling moments was when I saw a koala on Darlington Hill. One of the scariest was almost being hit by lightning South of the Onkaparinga River. I ride in just about any condition as a rain jacket only produces as much moisture on the inside as it sheds on the outside.

Any other stories to share with us?

My bike is an old Mountain Bike with pannier bags and narrower tyres. Weight is not an issue for me or the bike as I carry several cycling jackets, lunch and a full change of clothes and shoes. So after riding bikes as a teenager including a Penny Farthing I didn’t expect to recommence cycling in my late fifties. Now I admire fellow cyclists in their Eighties and aspire to be like them.

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  1. You are an inspiration,Barry! Tell me who won the drag,you or the EH?