Tuesday 15 October 2013

Inner suburbs are our cycling hotspots

Adelaide’s inner suburbs are hands-down our biggest commuter cycling hubs, with Goodwood-Millswood, Unley-Parkside, Norwood, St Peters-Marden sporting the highest number of cycling commuters per head of population.

Data from the 2011 Census has been analyzed by InDaily, and shows a clear concentration of workers who nominated cycling as their form of work transport in the inner (particularly southern) suburbs.
Bicycle SA CEO Christian Haag says this reflects the attitude towards cycling in these council areas: 

“Unley appears to be the largest ride source…Interestingly, the council has a strong culture of [cycling] encouragement but also I would see the 40kmh zones throughout the council area as creating an environment conducive to more people getting on their bike; proof yet again that reduced speed limits works to mitigate those real and perceived barriers that roads are unsafe.”

Read the full article at Indaily. 

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