Wednesday 9 October 2013

On yer bike for a healthier life

Stephen Mee commutes every day to his work in the CBD. 

South Australians are being encouraged to leave the car at home later this month and get involved in Bike SA's Ride2Work Day. 

In an effort to battle Australia's bulging obesity epidiemic, reduce motor traffic and improve health and well-being, the October 16 event is expected to attract thousands to get on their bicycles. Bike SA chief executive Christian Haag says the benefits extend far beyond doing something for the environment.

"The benefits of riding a bike to work are vast. You feel better, you're more productive at work and you may even start looking forard to the morning commute," he says.

"Let's not forget the money you can save on parking, petrol and even gym memberships."

Royal Automobile Association of South Australia figures show the cheapest car to run in SA costs $120.35 a week.

Staff at Adelaide employer Intec Group are offered Bicycle SA memberships (which provides for all third party personal accident insurance) and entry into organised cycling activities.

There are shower facilities in their building and numerous employees, from the chief executive down, cycle regularly.

Employer Stephen Mee (pictured) says if he doesn't ride to work, he feels his day lacks something.

"I don't think as clearly and feel sluggish," he says.

"When I get to work after riding my bike, my mind is already active and I am ready to start work."

National Ride2Work Day is on Wednesday October 16. Bike SA is running a free breakfast in Hindmarsh Swaure, sponsored by Adelaide City Council, from 7am to 9am.
Commuting cyclists receive a free breakfast and coffee (sibject to avialbility) as well as the latest on all things cycling.

You can register to ride at

Note to readers: this article originally appeared in Career One section of The Advertiser on Saturday 5 October, 2013. 

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