Tuesday 19 November 2013

"I was reminded that all my cycling buddies were boys" - Chat with a Gear Up Girl SA Participant.

Bendigo Bank Riders with Gear Up Girl Ambassador Carlee Taylor

Kate Holbrook from the Bendigo Bank noticed that too many of her cycling buddies were men. She wanted this to change...

When Kate heard about Gear Up Girl SA this year, she looked around and realised that all her cycling buddies were male. 

"I decided it was time to find some other lady cyclists and gear up! I put the word out and promoted the Gear Up Girl ride at work and before I knew it a group of 8 enthusiastic ladies had formed," explains Kate. 

Even though many of her female colleagues owned a bicycle, they'd often been sitting in the shed for the past few years. 

Kate (left) with a converted colleague

Kate got to work and in no time had organised pre-event training rides,  rescued bicycles from sheds and even secured corporate sponsorship from Bendigo Bank. 

"We were ready and having heaps of fun along the way," laughs Kate. 

"The group is of varying ages, fitness and cycling ability but the one thing we do have in common is the desire to get out on our bikes, have fun and encourage other girls to do the same," 

"For me, this experience has provided me with the opportunity to meet some new people and find some new (lady) cycling buddies. For others, it has been just the push they needed to get back on their bike."

With only 10.8% of women in South Australia having ridden a bike in the past week, people like Kate may just be what's needed to help reverse this trend. 

You can still register to ride Gear Up Girl SA here. There is a 15km River Ride, 40km Beach Ride and a 50km Hills Ride. 

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