Thursday 20 February 2014

"Adelaide is one of the best capital cities to train in" - Q & A with Tiffany Cromwell.

Photo Credit: Orica Green Edge

Tiffany Cromwell is quite the champion when it comes to cycling. She's been competing since the ripe age of 13 and is chasing her dream to become the best cyclist in the world.  

In the lead up to our Boileau VeloAdelaide event, we had a few questions to ask her about cycling in Adelaide. 

Q.1 What first got you into cycling? Any great memories to share with us?

Cycling actually kind of found me. I was playing Basketball as my main sport but also dabbled in a range of other sports throughout school. I was picked up through a talent search program by the SA Sports Institute through my school and was invited to try cycling. First I took part in two sessions at the Adelaide Superdrome on the track followed by a VO2 max test. From there I was invited to the program and the rest is history. There are so many fantastic memories so far in my career from my first ever races in Adelaide through to travelling the world, representing my country at various world championships, racing alongside and against so many other amazing cyclist to achieving some very special race victories on the world stage.  

Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic Williamstown - Photo by O'nev/Veeral Patel (

Q.2. Your career really seemed to kick off in Adelaide. Do you think Adelaide has a lot to offer when it comes to cycling?

It certainly did. I grew up in Adelaide my entire life, I lived in the same house in the Adelaide Hills and I hadn't travelled much. My cycling career began training on the roads around Adelaide, spending hours riding my bike in the hills or around our beaches and sitting out our cafes. I'm very much an Adelaide girl and it still holds a special place in my heart even when I am out racing around the world. Adelaide certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to cycling, it is one of the best capital cities to train in, in Australia. There are so many different roads to choose from, you're out of the city and into the hills within 5-10km or you can be riding around the beaches in similar distance from the city centre. It is a bike friendly place, there are more and more cyclists riding on Adelaide roads, a variety of bunches you can join and many fantastic cycling events to take part in. Plus Adelaide is home to the Tour Down Under, a world class cycling event where you can get up, close and personal to the top professionals and it's in our own backyard.

Tiffany wins Stage 2 of the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Series - Photo by Mark Gunter

Q.3 Boileau VeloAdelaide is all about getting everyday folk onto bicycles. Do you have any advice for those that are perhaps a little nervous about riding 50 kilometres or more.

The best advice to give is to not get daunted by the distance. Just make sure you enjoy yourself, if you're afraid that you won't make the distance, do some riding beforehand starting with a short ride and slowly build it up every session so you can be confident that you can make the distance. Then secondly make sure you find yourself some great riding buddies and do it together, make it a team effort because cycling is a team sport and if you have other people there to support you, you support each other and get through it together whilst enjoying the whole experience. 

Tiffany at Qatar - Photo by Dan Jones

Q.4  Any exciting plans in the coming years that you’d like to share with us?

I have a fantastic season planned for the coming year. I have moved to the Specialized-Lululemon cycling team for the 2014 season and I'm really excited to get racing. I will be targeting the early season classics in Belgium and Holland, looking to peak for the Ronde van Vlaanderan. I look forward to helping my team mates achieve victories throughout the season. We have some exciting new races on the calendar this season including the women's Tour of Britain and the one day race in Paris in conjunction with the Tour de France which is extremely exciting not only for me as a cyclist but for the growth of women's cycling. I also hope to be representing Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and also in the World Championships in Spain chasing medals. Hopefully it is a successful season and I'm excited what lies ahead.

Tiffany Cromwell is a supporter of the Boileau VeloAdelaide event, taking place on Sunday 23 March. The event will have 35 kilometres of car free roads, and everyone riding gets a free jersey. For details on the ride visit 

You can follow Tiffany on  twitter (@TiffanyCromwell) or visit her website

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