Friday 14 March 2014

Cycling Champion says Adelaide's cycling culture trumps Melbourne- Chat with Shane Perkins

As an olympic bronze medalist and twice world champion, Shane Perkins is a cycling legend and an all round good bloke. He'll be riding Boileau VeloAdelaide next week and here's what he has to say about cycling! 

Bike SA: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your ended up in the saddle?
Shane: I was always around cycling from a young age due to family members racing/coaching in the sport. I have some great memories of watching races on the road and track. It wasn't until I was around 12 that I expressed interest in riding and dad took me down to the local club for some sessions and I loved riding around the track, it made me feel free.  In early 2000 I competed in my first national champs and won some gold medals and broke a record or two. From then as they say it's all history. I'm still loving being free on the track!

Bike SA: The event VeloAdelaide is all about celebrating Adelaide’s cycling culture. As a professional cyclist, how do you rate Adelaide as a cycling destination?
Shane: Coming from Melbourne I feel that we had a pretty solid cycling community and we do, but Adelaide it would be fair to say has to be the capital for cycling in Australia.

Bike SA: You’ve travelled extensively overseas. How does Australia stack up as a cycling nation when compared to other countries you’ve visited?
Shane: I certainly think Australia has come a long way with its cycling community and it's being well received by the general public as more understanding about the sport follows. Having travelled to Europe, I gotta say that its impressive how many people ride bikes and have knowledge about road and track cycling in the general population.

Bike SA: Any training tips for the everyday Mums and Dads that will be riding on the day?
Shane: I would say to make the day of the ride feel nice and easy get out for a couple of shorter rides even if its riding to work a couple days a week or riding to the cafĂ© instead of driving on weekends, that way you'll feel confident and comfortable on the day of the big ride.

Bike SA: This event is particularly special because it’s all about raising money for disadvantaged children and their families through the Smith Family. As a father, what do you think should be done to encourage parents to get their children cycling?
Shane: From a fathers point of view I think a little more knowledge about how you can get your kids involved and also more support for the clubs around Australia that put in so much work as volunteers to support parents and kids once they do start cycling. I think what clubs around Australia are doing for cycling is very under valued and I certainly wouldn't be here cycling if it weren't for my club Carnegie Caulfield cycling club.

Bike SA: Which ride will you do on the day?
Shane: I'll do what ever ride that will support the day the most! I cant wait to meet everyone on the day, it will be a great fun event to be a part of!

Want to join Shane Perkins for Boileau VeloAdelaide on Sunday 23 of March? Register to ride by going to

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