Friday 19 September 2014

21 photos of women on bikes

 There's definitely a gender gap when it comes to cycling - but this photo collection blows apart stereotypes.

Adelaide has got some way to go before we can call it Copenhagen. Only 1 in 5 people riding bikes are women. Ask someone to describe a typical South Australian cyclist and they'll probably mumble a reply with the words lycra, middle aged and male.

Well we stumbled across this great little photo collection from the website identities.mic. who have put together an awesome photo collection of women and bikes.
Who else thinks we ought to do the same here in Adelaide?

And while we're talking on the subject of women and cycling, don't forget to register for our upcoming event Gear Up Girl SA on Sunday 23 November.. It's all about getting more women on bikes - and it's a whole lot of fun. 

The Photos





See the full collection at identies.mic. 

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