Thursday 11 September 2014

Spin Cycling? Essential training or just hype?

There’s a popular saying in the world of cycling that says "60 mins on the trainer is worth 90 mins on the road". Bike SA has a chat to Spin Cycle Coach Roxanne to see if it’s worth the hype. 

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Roxanne Price works for Mega Bike in Adelaide - which means she helps hundreds upon hundreds of cyclists get in shape for all kinds of cycling - from hardcore events like the Three Peaks event to the average Joe looking at getting into shape.

Believe the hype about Spin Cycle classes. In an hour you can get an efficient workout that hits all zones. Loads of athletes make it part of their training regime. Spin Cycle training has been accredited for winning gold medals - take World Ironman champion Andy Potts who does two thirds of his riding indoors. (Cycling Labs)

Even for amateur cyclists - spin classes can prove useful.

"Mega Spin was crucial in my preparation for the 3 Peaks Challenge" says Geoff who is a regular in the classes.

"The mantra of position on the bike, pedaling technique, breathing, correct cadence and managing heart rate helped me achieve my goal of finishing one of the toughest rides in Australia."

Part of the lure in Spin Cycling training is that it "trains the heart".

Roxanne explains "Heart rate training ensures the investment you put into your training produces optimum results, safely, for the time and effort you expend. Finding your maximum heart rate allows us to define your four aerobic training zones. (E1 - Recovery, E2 - Fat Burn, E3 - Workout & E4 -  Advanced)."

So there you go, spin cycling can be part of any training regime - whether it’s for Amy’s Ride SA or just a way to get fit.

Roxanne’s 5 steps to pedal power:

1. Relax when riding: just do it

2. Regulated deep breathing when climbing: take deep breaths rather than shallow ones to increase the oxygen flow to your organs

3. Seated, open-finger grip on bars: assists in staying relaxed

4. Ride in the drops as often as possible: this is the most efficient position for flat riding and should be achievable for every rider who has been correctly fitted to their bike

5. Get onto Mega Spin: you know you want to!
Register for Amy’s Ride SA 2014 by 30 September to go into a draw to win a Mega Spin course which commences 14, 15 or 16 October 2014

Mega Spin - course outline

Start in the first week with a series of three heart rate tests from which we establish each individual’s Heart Rate Training Zones. Then into 3 weeks of flat riding - this is interval based training which becomes more complex each week, moving into sprint and time-trail classes and finishing with 2 weeks of hill climbing. In addition to the 8 indoor sessions, Mega Spinners are provided with the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice with four Sunday Surprise rides.

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