Friday 19 September 2014

3 contestants chosen - your turn to vote

The three contestants have been chosen for our top 3 legal questions. Now it's time to vote for your favourite question.
Bikes on footpaths? Scooters in bike paths. Every cyclist should know the answer to these legal question. 

Not so long ago - we threw the question out to the Bike SA public and asked people to submit their top legal questions. Thanks to everyone that lodged a question - we had so many to choose from.

The legal experts at Andersons Solicitors choose the top 3 questions - and have blogged about them. 

To make it even more fun - the blog post with the most click through views between now and Friday 3 October will win a Nespresso Coffee Machine. So vote with your mouse and check out these great answers. 

(Please note that within the answers provided by Andersons Solicitors- there is a certain amount of generic response here as to your rights, your entitlements and your obligations when riding a bike on the road.)

"When riding along a shared pedestrian/cyclist path, like the Mike Turtur bikeway, are cyclists required to 'ding' to let pedestrians know they are coming, or is this just being polite?" - Tamara 

"Can scooter riders be fined for starting off from a bike lane at traffic light intersections to get ahead of traffic?" - David 

"If you are the victim of a hit and run where you are injured and your bike is damaged and there is no witness, are you entitle to any compensation for medical costs and bike repairs?" - Chris 


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