Friday 7 November 2014

"I remember the first time I rode up Lofty" - Chat with the Gear Up Girl SA Ambassador

This year' Gear Up Girl SA ambassador loves two things - riding her bike and yoga. And this year she'll be giving us a warm-up at the start line of Gear Up Girl SA. 

Bike SA: Tell us a bit about what you do – and your first bicycle.

Zara: I teach yoga in Adelaide and I'm a student, studying psychology. I just finished writing a thesis on the effects of yoga on stress! I'm really fascinated by the mind-body connection.

My first bicycle I bought in London from a very nice man who made them as a hobby. It's an old red BSA frame that's now covered in stickers, and I have a real sentimental attachment to it -  I shipped it over to Adelaide because I couldn't bear to part with it!

Bike SA: Why should more women get involved in cycling? What do you think stops them?

Zara: I think the image of blokes on swish expensive bikes in loads of lycra can be a bit intimidating - but not just for women, for everyone! Cycling is so versatile, and races and stretchy fabric is just one reason bikes are fun! Lots of women I know who ride do so for very different reasons - for gentle rambles along the river, to commute, or to show off the fruits of their incredible bike building skills! There really are so many ways people can make it work for them.

Bike SA: Do you have any funny / interesting / ridiculous cycling stories or memories? 

Zara: I remember the first time I ever made it up to Norton Summit - on my very not-fancy road bike, I felt like the proudest person alive. I'd been desperately trying to keep up with a really fit, strong looking woman on a gorgeous bike ahead of me, and as we zoomed down the winding roads I was so relieved after that hard climb. As we reached the bottom of the hill this fantastic woman turned and started back up the hill. I called out to ask if she was going up again, and when she said she was I told her she's a legend! I was inspired, and exhausted! 

Bike SA: Which ride will you be doing on Nov. 24: 15, 40 or 50km? 

Zara: I'm going to challenge myself and go for the 50k ride- I'm excited to do a bit of climbing!

Bike SA: Where's your favourite spot to cycle in Adelaide? 

Zara: I'm totally in love with the route along the beach, so I do a bit of a loop, starting and ending in the city. 

Bike SA: What do you have in store for us at the start line of Gear Up Girl SA?

Zara: I'll be leading a bit of a stretch and a warm up to get us ready to ride - yoga is so perfect to do alongside cycling, and we'll be targeting some of the areas that tend to tighten up the more time spent on a bike - the hips, hamstrings, lower back, glutes and calves.

About Zara

Zara Hannaford has been teaching yoga for the past four years, first in London and now in Adelaide. She is passionate about finding as many fun ways to live a healthy lifestyle as possible. You might find her riding her banged up old red roadie around Adelaide, or walking her very large dog, or strolling through the central markets looking for new and exciting vegetables.

Join Zara for Yoga with Soul Stretching at Gear Up Girl SA for a yoga warm up on Sunday 23 November. 

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