Friday 12 December 2014

Bikes Beat Cars

Riding your bike in Adelaide is quicker ( and a hell of a lot more fun) than driving your car.

Grab a copy of the Tiser today and read the front page. It's a gloriously positive article. 

The RAA's recent travel time survey - which looked at moving around the city by bike, car, bus and tram - found that the bicycle is king. Bike beats car in three of the four routes studied. 

While it's not a huge suprise to many of us - this travel survey came from the peak motoring organisation. It carries a lot of weight. Even more interesting - the RAA  is actually calling for more people to ride bikes and more funding for infrastructure. 

RAA has told the media that "more money should be invested in cycling infrastructure to encourage people to use bikes as an alternative to cars for moving around town."

Now it's time for the politicians to start investing more money making Adelaide's streets more bike friendly.

On Ya Bike Adelaide! 

Read the full article on AdelaideNow

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