Tuesday 25 February 2014

Route Changes - Boileau VeloAdelaide

Bicycle SA has made an important changes to the Boileau VeloAdelaide Route - here's why.

At this year’s Boileau VeloAdelaide on March 23, riders will now be cycling up Mt Barker Road (via Eagle on the Hill) instead of the South Eastern Freeway. We will still be using the left hand lane of the Freeway as far as the Eagle on the Hill exit, as we have done for many years for Coast to Coast. Every other aspect of the ride will remain the same, including the closed Adelaide Hills roads. (Click here to see the changed route.)
At Bike SA, we’ve always worked to create innovative, safe and exciting rides for not only our members but also the broader community. We simply wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of many government and non-government stakeholders and with the approvals granted to us by the Minister for Transport and the Adelaide Hills Council.
Since 2012, Boileau VeloAdelaide has been the only ride where thousands of cyclists get to experience a car-free South Eastern Freeway through the Heysen Tunnel. We’re proud of this event, and each year we’ve closed over 35km of closed roads to ensure that those new to riding will discover the joys of cycling in a safe and friendly environment. We know that a lack of perceived safety is a major barrier for those wanting to get their bikes out of the shed.
The Recent Bupa Tour 
On Friday January 24, the South Eastern Freeway, was under the control of the Tour Down Under to run the Bupa Challenge Tour. While restricting access to the Freeway during peak hour on a weekday for 4,500 riders to experience a great day out was well intentioned, the resulting traffic gridlock left the broader community frustrated.
After listening to much feedback from both our members, the public and other stakeholders, Bicycle SA has decided that for 2014, Boileau VeloAdelaide riders will take the Mount Barker Road via Eagle on the Hill, instead of the South Eastern Freeway.
It is clear that many of our regular riders have formed the view, that with the ongoing community discussion about motorist/cyclists relations, such disruptions along Adelaide’s main freight and transport corridor are best minimized.
While over the previous two years, Bicycle SA has delivered this event and its associated closures perfectly within the required time-frames determined by the transport department and SA Police and Adelaide Hills Council resulting in minimal disruption, we believe this change to be in the interests of the broader community.
What can I do to support Bicycle SA? 
As you can imagine, this wasn’t what we had originally planned. But we believe that Bike SA members and riders can help show their support on the day by registering to ride with us on March 23. Let’s show South Australia that our cycling community is a caring, attentive and vibrant bunch. Let us show them that we listen to the community’s needs and we think more cycling will only enhance this state as a great place to live. The more wheels we have turning on the day, the better.
And let’s not forget. The event is going to be a fantastic one. There’ll be over 25km of road closures through the Adelaide Hills. Those joining us will be treated to the best riding this state has to offer, free of cars. 
Hope to see you there,
Bicycle SA Team

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