Monday 16 June 2014

Guns, spears, and bicycles - Amazing bike adventure from Adelaide to Darwin

His trusty bike: Ryko's granddaughter Michele Adler had a replica of her grandfather's bike made and rode it on the final leg of the journey into Darwin today

They say that the truth is stranger than fiction, and a little afternoon reading into the history of cycle tourism has proven this true once again. 

Unlike the lycra-clad road riders that you see today, passionately debating panniers vs. trailers and cruising through the Barossa, cycle tourists of yester-year treated their holidays like an extreme sport, crossing Australia’s red centre in 28 days, carrying custom designed cycling guns to fend off the wild-life, all while wearing a full tweed suit and tie!

Ted Ryko is pictured here carrying his bicycle through a swamp in the Norther Territory. In 1914, he set the record for cycling to Darwin from Adelaide, completing the 3,000km trip in just 28 days
It’s been 100 years since 21-year-old Edward 'Ryko' Reichenbach rode from Adelaide to Darwin in only 28 days, but his amazing journey is all but forgotten. With just one gear, a heavily loaded bike and a Kodak camera, Ryko befriended Aboriginal tribesmen, carried his bike through rivers, and took over 3000 photographs of some of Australia’s most remote locations.

While it may look like a lot has changed over the years, a little bit of digging suggests that our tour-cycling elders are actually not so different from us at all. Sure the trailers were bigger, the fashion was itchier and the bikes weighed twice as much, but the desire for adventure, innovation, and good fun hasn’t changed a bit! There are pictures and stories from all around the world showing off the latest cycling gadgets, fashionable young people with big loaded bikes, and boasting journeys bigger than most people today would make in cars. 
This picture  shows Indigenous people carrying Ryko and his bicycle through the Northern Territory. The caption reads: 'Arnheim Land cycling episode - carried to safety'

There’s no denying that cycling tourism is historically cool, and it really makes you wonder which one of us will be the big adventurer that still gets talked about in 100 years time.  

You can read the full article on Ryko's adventures on the Daily Mail website. 

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