Friday 19 September 2014

Citizen's Jury - It's time to submit your ideas

People ride bikes, people drive cars. What things could we trial to ensure they share the roads safely? Submit your ideas before October 5.

You've probably read in the paper about the upcoming Citizens' Jury. During September and October 2014, 6,000 everday South Australians will be given the opportunity to make recommendations on road safety.

Here's the "issue" that's been put to them by government. 

"Motorists and cyclists will always be using our roads. What things could we trial to ensure they share the roads safely? "

Do you have any ideas that to trial or pilot that allow us to test attitudes, feasibility and benefits? Can we consider new ways of sharing our roads with respect to each other’s needs and ensure both are viable and safe modes of transport?

Lobbyists, activists, community groups and citizens are welcome to present points-of-view to the Jury through formally submitting a paper to the Jury.  Simply download the submission form, fill it in and submit by emailing  

More info can be found on 

Make sure you submit your ideas before October 5.  

Bike SA been invited to sit on the reference group to provide informed advice to the jury and to put forward ideas for a panel of experts who will present to the jury and respond to any questions/clarifications that members may have. Become a Bike SA member today and help support our advocacy work. 

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