Tuesday 29 October 2013

Two Inspirational Bike Stories: Amy's Ride SA.

Every year at Amy's Ride SA, we hear great stories. Here are our two favourites this year. 

1. Adam Carpenter: The Courageous Cyclist

Adam Carpenter's story is a powerful one. During last year's event the 37-year-old cyclist had a cardiac arrest due to a pre-existing condition. 

Thanks to the quick actions of fellow cyclists and the emergency crew, Adam came through his ordeal unscathed and had a mini defibrillator put in his chest. He was back on his bike three weeks later, and he'll be riding Amy's Ride SA again this year. 

Not only will he be riding Amy's Ride SA this year, but he has raised more than $4000 for the Amy Gillett Foundation this year and hopes to raise more. 

Now that's inspirational!

You can read more about his story here

2. A Bicycle Built for Three

When most people have kids, they might tone down their cycling a notch... well not Jason Hagan and his partner Geeta Thompson. The couple are Amy's Ride SA veterans, having ridden for the past four years. When their Daughter Sriani (now 2) came into the mix, the couple were hungry for more cycling. 

"Last year we did we had a baby capsule trailer on the back and this year we're going to do it with a little WeeRide seat in between myself and my partner," says Jason. 

"When she rides with us, she talks with us and it's more interactive". 

What more can we say! Having kids should give you more reasons to ride, not fewer!

Amy's Ride SA is taking place this Sunday 3 November, with ride options from 18-120km. You can register to ride by going to amysridesa.org.au

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