Tuesday 29 October 2013

Cycling into Parliament: Behold the Cycling Vote

Should Australia get ready for the Bicycle Vote? The Australian Cyclists Party may be set to contest elections in the years to come. 

The Australian Cyclists Party has been launched, with the intention of contesting elections in Victoria and NSW in the next couple of years.

According to it's website, www.australian-cyclists-party.org, the party aims to "advocate for those who bicycle and promote cycling in all of its forms. We will do this by selectively contesting for positions in government across Australia."

Omar Khalifa, who is launching the party, is a former CEO of Bicycle New South Wales and is hoping to tackle cycling issues from 'the inside'.

Khalifa is adamant that this isn't just a niche party telling the Guardian that “when you fix cycling issues, you’re actually dealing with a whole set of other issues that affect other people.”

If the party gains enough momentum and members, who knows? We may get to vote for a Cyclists Party member in an SA election before long...

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