Tuesday 29 October 2013

The 30 year transport plan - how bikes fared

The SA Government has released it's 30 year plan for the state's future transport system - and it's sounding good for cyclists. 

Included are upgrades to the Bike Direct network and extensions of bike lanes through major CBD intersections.

Closer integration with the public transport system is also a feature, with more bike storage and bike-sharing schemes at transport hubs.

Cycling education in schools is also in line for an increase in funding, and new housing developments will be required to provide cycling routes.

It's encouraging to finally have a plan from government on our transport future, and one that includes cycling improvements is exciting - but there's one question we've got brewing in the back of our minds: Where's the money? 

With all the benefits that increased cycling can provide for the state - improved health and wellbeing, increased productivity in workplaces, decreased traffic congestion, amongst others -  surely this is an investment that should be made a priority?

Here's a nice little fact, Bike riders save economy $21 on each commute (20 minutes to work and back ). If South Australia sees 220,000 people riding every week, that's surely a reason to spend a little bit more on cycling. 

Read the full article in The Advertiser here

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