Monday 18 November 2013

The Results Are In! Why SA Women Cycle Less Than Men


Bicycle SA has received an astounding 900+ responses to a survey seeking to find out why there are less women than men regularly cycling in our fair state. The results are in, and give us valuable insight into what keeps women from getting on their bikes.

When asked why they believe less women than men cycle, 67.6% of respondents cited a greater concern over traffic/unsafe roads, while 43.42% said a lack of confidence was a factor.

Family responsibilities and Motorist behaviour were the next highest responses, at 38.36% and 35.77% respectively.

Other key figures to come out of the survey are that lack of safe bicycle infrastructure is keeping women from cycling more often (40% of respondents) followed by concern for traffic conditions (36.08%) and finally followed by lack of time (31.08%).

Over 70% of women said they’d cycle more if there were more separated bicycle paths, while 55.76% said better bicycle infrastructure would encourage women to cycle more. More bicycle lanes (50.23%) also rated highly.

Bike SA wants to address these concerns and see the numbers of Women regularly riding in SA increase. Education is part of the solution, as are events like Gear Up Girl SA, but the biggest factor will be spending on cycling infrastructure.

We're calling for $90M over four years – $40M to be allocated to the Greenway Network and $50M over four years to the arterial network - to be spent on infrastructure improvements.

Gear Up Girl SA is on this Sunday, November 24, and is an opportunity to get out on your bike with the girls and have a day of fun and fitness while improving your cycling confidence.

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  1. Hi BikeSA

    Are you going to publish a report with data analysis?



  2. Adelaide women need to know that you don't need lycra to cycle! Just wear the clothes that you have already in your wardrobe. To that effect, the organisers of Gear Up Girl! need to realise that and minimize the photos marketing this event showing lycra clad women and show women in everyday clothing cycling around Adelaide. Take a leaf from Mikael Colville Andersen's blog Cycle Chic.