Friday 14 February 2014

"Breathe from your stomach... not your throat": Training tips from a pro

From now through to the big day, Steve Cunningham, owner of will be providing a range of tips on preparing for and participating in this great ride through the Adelaide Hills! 

When Steve offers cycling tips, Bike SA tends to listen. As a cycling mentor, Steve also operates, taking people on 1on 1 or group sessions with the focus on perfecting technique and getting rid of bad habits people pick up over time. 

So if you're someone who has only recently thought about riding Boileau VeloAdelaide, Steve's advice is to be CONSISTENT with your weekly activity. 

"Whether you're just starting out OR have been riding a lot over summer, The best thing you can do right now is to create a regular weekly routine and stick to it. Rather that ride once in one week, then 5 times the following, it's far more effective to ride 3 times in both," Steve explains. 

"The hard work is wasted if you don't carry it through week in week out, so be realistic with how much time you can afford to ride your bike, and stick to that routine as best you can."

Steve finds that most riders have developed bad habits over time, and therefore not getting the most out of the limited time they have on a bike. 

'By perfecting your technique, from the right cadence to use, how to position the body, how to breath effectively through to timing your effort, descending with confidence and managing your heart rate, it's ALL important."

 Steve suggests trying to maintain an absolute consistent cadence when training on a climb, never fluctuating it and using the gears as they have been designed to use, changing constantly with varying gradients. 

"For most people a cadence of around 80 revs a minute is just right and combined with a high focus on breathing from your stomach (not your throat) will work well when climbing," explains This, combined with TIMING your effort on a climb so to start in complete control and with a lower heart rate, then gradually lift your effort as you climb, will help you train in your zone for longer and generate a far more consistent power curve," explains Steve.

Steve will be running a free training session for Boileau VeloAdelaide Team Spirit Captains as part of Boileau Velo Adelaide on Sunday 02 March. 

For more information on cycling effectively, you can get in touch with Steve at, or why not take a look at one of their increasingly popular cycling holidays throughout Europe at where Steve also provides cycling advice and support on every tour. "there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a client really enjoy their ride through the French Alpes or Italian Dolomites, all through perfecting their technique!"

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