Wednesday 23 April 2014

3 great spots to ride your Mountain Bike

Adelaide probably has the best Mountain Biking on offer in Australia, with a lot of it at Adelaide's doorstep. Here are a few top spots to ride right at your doorstep.

1. Belair National Park. 

Belair national park is relatively recent to the Mountain Bike Craze, fully opening up its trails last year. It's an absolute gem for Mountain Bikers and right on Adelaide's doorstep, only 13 kilometres from the city. The park has a 12.5 kilometre adventure route trail which is well sign posted and is great for the intermediate rider. More info can be found on the Council Website.

2. Fox Creek (Cudlee Creek)

This place rocks. Views on Adelaide, and trails to spend a whole day cruising around. The trails perhaps still lack some signposting, but you can literally spend an afternoon having fun and. Just ask a fellow mountain biker if you need any directions. You can also check out this interactive map (Source Adelaide Mountain Bike Trails) or even check out this map we made for our upcoming event, the Kona Dirty Weekend.

 (Shameless Plug: Come join us on the first weekend of May for the Kona Dirty Weekend... you can ride 6, 12 or 24 hours solo, in pairs or in teams of four. No need to be a pro, it's really an event for everyone. Free camping and loads more for everyone that comes up to join us.)

3. Melrose 

It may be a good couple of hours drive from Adelaide, but Melrose is without a doubt a Mountain Bike Mecca. We reccomend everyone heads up there to check out the trails at Mount Remarkable, they're well signposted and there's lots of them. Whether you're a hardcore MTBer, or it's your first time this is awesome. Be sure to drop in to the Over the Edge Bike Store for some bike maps and a chat with the crew to pick up a map. You can also check out some maps on our website.


  1. Eagle Park...? Craigburn...? Both are excellent and both are at "Adelaide's doorstep". Melrose, awesome as it is, requires a 2 hour drive.

  2. Mountain bikers do live outside of Adelaide! Us rural riders are happy to leave the traffic and pollution in Adelaide, why head towards Adelaide to ride? Melrose is a much shorter drive for an awful lot of us.