Wednesday 23 April 2014

Top 5 Bike Apps

Whether you're a weekend warrior, looking for places while touring or just a safe route to go to work, here are some handy apps that might help you with your cycling adventures.

 1. Strava

Strava is probably the king of cycling apps and easily the most popular one floating arounnd. Strava records all your rides, allowing you to track and analyse your performance in  detail. There is also a huge social element to the app as well, as you race your friends and compare times and speeds. Watch out, it's addictive .

2. Warm Showers

Warmshowers give you access to a community of cycling hosts and is a must for anyone looking to do some extended bicycle touring . This also really puts you in touch with locals and fellow cyclists when touring.... highly reccomended.

3. Motion X Motion X is a real gem because it allows you to download maps and view them offline. Cyclists love this app, especially when travelling in remote places where internet is non-existent. The only downside is that the app comes at a cost of $2.99

4. Cycle Instead

Cycle Instead is a really nifty route planner for getting around Adelaide. It's perfect for anyone looking to find a safe, low traffic, faster or just better cycle route. While it's not exactly an app. but there's a mobile friendly version available on your phone browser.

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