Tuesday 17 June 2014

Top 3 River Rides

River rides are awesome. They're relaxing, you're out of the way of traffic and they're often pancake flat. Here are 3 ideas from around the world to get you pedalling. 

1. Romania's Iron Gates - The Danube River

Cruising the Danube River in Eastern Europe is breathtaking and for a good reason. Cycling 134 kilometres along the  Iron Gates along the border between Serbia and Romania is a cyclists' paradise. You'll see traditional villages, friendly locals and best of all the terrain is relatively flat whilst the surrounding scenery is like the Adelaide Hills on steroids.  Expect scenic views to last a lifetime.

More info about cycling Romania at EuroVelo.com

More info:

2. Dutch Canal Riding

Okay, perhaps we're stretching the definition of river here, but cycling along Dutch canals and rivers can be an absolute treat. Half the time you don't even need maps, as there are signposts literally everywhere. And yes, the whole country feels like it's built around the bicycle, so expect awesome bicycle infrastructure at every pedal. 

The country is covered with an extensive network of "landelijke fietsroutes" or LF routes (long distance routes).  They routes mostly follow bicycle lanes or use small country roads that you wouldn't even know existed. You can even pedal into Belgium or Germany stopping for cheese, beer and waffles along the way. 

Check out www.nederlandfietsland.nl/en for more information on cycling in the Netherlands and the LF Routes. 

For a list of long distance cycling routes in the Netherlands check out: http://www.nederlandfietsland.nl/landelijke-fietsroutes/overzicht-lf-routes 

3. The Mighty Murray River

Sometimes the best cycling tourism can be found at your doorstep. The Murraylands and Riverland region is a bit of an untouched paradise. 
Stunning sunsets, abundant wild-life, and half the time you'll find you've got the whole river to yourself. Here's for a shameless plug. We've got a 9 day Annual Tour this September  and it's awesome (there's still a few spots left). But even if you can't make it on tour with us, this region is worth a visit to on your bike. 

Book a spot on Bike SA's Annual Tour or check out our itinerary to plan your own trip. 

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