Thursday 28 August 2014

Ride plan #1: Yarn and ride - the joys of Amy's Ride SA

By no means an olympic champion, Chris is not too worried about her average speed. She enjoys getting out on the road and having a good yarn when riding. 

Chris will be riding her favourite machine on the day - a flat bar road bike on the 70 KM Challenge.  If it feels right on the day, she might even have a crack at the 100 KM Classic. 

So how is Chris preparing for the big day? Part of it involves a 20 KM commute (80 KM p/week) and she tries to squeeze in another 50 KM on weekends  - “A flat ride to Outer Harbour and back” she says.

But her favourite part of the ride is the car free Southern Expressway. 

“Riding the Southern Expressway without cars is an opportunity you never get. To ride 30 KM without interruptions, no traffic lights is great," Chris explains. 

"It’s quite empowering - no vehicles, just the gentle sound of gears clicking, people chatting. A very eerie feeling because you don’t hear any cars, you’ve got three lanes of even tar sealed road, no bumps, no potholes and over 2,000 riders together on the road.”

And when it comes to food - Chris is also prepared. She drinks more water and chows down on food full of carbohydrates and protein about 24 to 48 hours before the ride. 

“I also tend to pack a ham & cheese sandwich to eat at the start because it would have been a considerable amount of time since waking up at 6 am to get ready and I take a banana and some lollies to carry.”

Chris points out that Bicycle SA rides are well catered for with food and refreshments so you can stop along the way, re-hydrate, fuel up and enjoy the ride.  

"The best part of the day's not just being on the bike, but it's having a good ol' chat with buddies as we pedal along."

Nine weeks to Amy’s Ride SA 2014. Get a buddy or two or three to ride alongside for a yarn and experience this mass ride to McLaren Vale.

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The Car Free Southern Expressway

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