Friday 22 August 2014

How female cyclists can combat saddle soreness

Not so long ago,  pro female cyclists were having serious issues with saddle pain. Now a top physio from British Cycling has tackled the issue. 

Saddle soreness might just be the number one complaint among women who cycle professionally. And there isn't much in the way of advice on how to solve the problem.

Phil Burt, head physiotherapist at British Cycling and Team Sky asked female riders to fill in a questionnaire about it all - the results were scary. Almost all of the women reported issues. It was so bad that some women even reported labial swelling that required surgery. 

Phil's now put together a book called "Bike Fit" which gives advice on how best to tackle the Issue. 

In his book - he's got some handy tips: 

1. Get the right saddle
2. Get your saddle angle right
3. Make sure your bike fits you properly
4. Get decent bike shorts
5. Keep clean
6. Ride More. 
Want to know more? Check out a full explanation of his tips in this article on the Guardian

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