Friday 5 September 2014

Bike Theft App Trial - Crime Stoppers

Australia has one of the highest rates of vehicle theft in the world and it is a major social and economic issue costing more than $670 million each year. In response, Crime Stoppers SA has developed a smartphone app called MyWheels to assist with the prevention, reporting and recovery of stolen vehicles.

Crime Stoppers has issued an exclusive invitation to Bicycle SA members to receive early access to the MyWheels app in order to help them finesse the final product, by putting the beta version through its paces and identifying any bugs before it is officially released later this year.

Users can store details of their vehicles in one convenient location, and access these if the vehicle is stolen, seriously damaged or involved in an accident.

Whether it’s a bicycle, scooter, car, truck or some other type of vehicle that has a registration or serial number, users can record important details and store pictures – including pictures of any identifying features that might assist police if it is stolen.

Users can ‘rate’ a location where they have parked their vehicle based on lighting, safety, any damage done while they are away – and this can be shared with other users who may park at the same location at some future point. The app also has a handy function that directs its owner to the last place they checked in with their vehicle, as well as handy tips and information on how to best protect their vehicle and any accessories or contents.

So, if you’re keen to participate in this short trial, have an iOS or Android smartphone and are prepared to provide feedback about your experience, then please visit to register your interest.

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