Friday 17 October 2014

The Citizens' Jury

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35 everyday South Australians have a problem to solve - how do we get motorists and cyclists to get along? Bike SA has been providing some expert advice. CEO Christian Haag fills us in with what's been happening. 

Recently, the Premier announced that a Citizens’ Jury was to be established to consider the relationship between motorists and cyclists. Thirty five jurors have been selected from over 6,000 invitations and represent a solid cross section of the Australian community. They have been tasked to consider the following proposition - "Motorists and cyclists will always be using our roads. What things could we trial to ensure they share the roads safely?” - You can read more on this here. 

Over the next month, they will be provided with a deep understanding about this issue from a broad range of experts. They will then put forward a series of recommendations to be taken to the Premier who will in turn make a representation to Cabinet for appropriate action.

Bike SA was invited to sit on the Core Reference Group along with representatives from government, SA Police, RAA, the Motor Accident Commission and the Local Government Association.
CEO Christian Haag talking to the jury about the difference between percieved risk and real risk.

Last Saturday was the first in a series of presentation sessions provided to the Jury  - with SA Police, RAA, MAC, Local Government Authorities and Bike SA all giving insight into what is a very complex issue. Bike SA CEO Christian Haag talked about how the organisation fosters sustainable behaviour change through a range of programs aimed at getting more people riding as well as some "myth busting" fast facts on who and how many people ride.

From the questions that followed, it’s clear that as a group, the Jury have already taken on board a vast amount of information in an incredibly short period of time. And perhaps more encouraging has been the range of ideas and potential solutions that are starting filter through.

We certainly encourage anyone with an interest in this issue to get involved through the forum. We are indeed fortunate to have a Premier who is actively engaged in this space and who wants to ensure that all South Australians have the choice to ride safely.

Bike SA works hard on advocacy issues such as the Citizen's Jury. You can support Bike SA's advocacy work by becoming a member or taking part in upcoming events such as Amy's Ride SA.

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