Thursday 9 October 2014

We need you to vote with your pedals

Looking for a reason to ride Amy's Ride SA this year? Getting 3,000 people on bikes sends a very powerful message to government. 

Amy's Ride SA is taking place just days before local elections. The ride's on Sunday 2 November. Local elections are taking place on Sunday 7 November. 

No matter who is elected - we want them to know that people on bikes matter. 

Did you know  there were 352 crashes where a cyclist was seriously injured or worse, between 2009 and 2013 in South Australia. That's 352 too many. 

Cycling investment is fundamental - without building paths that separate riders from cars - we're going to make it harder to help South Australian who want to ride.

Let's show all of the local government candidates that we need to provide better safety for all road users - especially people on bikes. After all, local governments control the vast majority of road space.

Our big rides like Amy's Ride SA helps keep a small organisation like Bicycle SA to run cycling programs in support of cycling

Here are 3 ways your participation in Amy's Ride has helped us. 

1. We’ve been able to secure our partnership with the Adelaide Advertiser to produce our annual “love your ride” magazine that achieves a readership of 250,00 south australians - a potent advocacy tool for us.

2. We've delivered empowering school programs to Indigenous children in remote communities and to at-risk youth in regional areas.

3. We've argued in support of the Frome Street Bikeway to prevent it from being removed and are working through a strategy to ensure the coast path north of grange delivers the best outcomes for residents and visitors to our state who want to enjoy our magnificent coastline

This year we need support more than ever at Amy's Ride SA - we need you to "vote" with your pedals. Road safety is a right - not a privilege. We need you to show that every person deserves to get to their destination safely. As government budgets are tight - we need to make sure cycling investment isn't slashed.

And most importantly - keep on cycling. That's the name of the game.

All the best,
Christian Haag
CEO, Bicycle SA

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