Friday 28 March 2014

Have you spotted the Be Safe Be Seen Bike Trailer?

We’re more than a little proud of our new toy – the custom made ‘Be Safe Be Seen’ Practical session bike trailer. Have you spotted it getting around the CBD? It’s pretty hard to miss…

It’s shiny, it’s new and it’s loaded up and ready to roll – the amazing team at Lowe & Hennessy, with generous assistance from Roof Rack City, have made our hair-brained idea a reality and built the bike trailer to end them all.

Our ‘Be Safe Be Seen’ practical instructor, Brett, is tasked with towing it around the CBD to deliver the sessions (complete with bikes and helmets) to workplaces that have hosted a free 30 minute presentation.

If you spot him, go up & say hi and check out the trailer – he’s friendly, we promise!

Time is running out to book in your workplace for one of the FREE 30 minute ‘Be Safe Be Seen’ presentations – we finish on June 30 and have limited bookings left.

So, if you work in the Adelaide CBD and have been thinking about booking in a session then get in touch with us at, or ph: 8168 9909.

Join the conversation: #besafebeseen

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