Friday 28 March 2014

Our Top Ten Boileau VeloAdelaide Photos

Sure, there may have been some rain, but there were loads of smiles as thousands of cyclists took up the challenge of our Boileau VeloAdelaide ride. Here's our pick of our top 10 photos of the day. Well done to everyone that cycle on the day! 

1. The Start Line

We love this shot because it was taken at the start line. There's something about the start line which just screams energy and enthusiasm. And there's something about all this lycra that unleashes

2. The Birthday Boy - Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood

This photos was taken bright and early at about 7am, before all the riders had arrived at the start line. We love it because a) it's the mayor's birthday and b) Adelaide actually has a mayor that gets on his bike. The fact that he gets on his bike on his birthday makes it awesome.

3. Groaning up Mount Lofty

This happy snap was taken while cruising up the South Eastern Freeway on the way to lofty... we can all remember the pinch as we made our way up top. The look on his face is priceless as he pedals up and up.

4. The most cycle chic kid on the block 

Snapped during the Free Family River Ride, this girl has got more class than all the Boileau VeloAdelaide rides put together.

5. Pedal Faster Dad! 

One of the benefits of being a kid is that your parents don't expect you to cycle all the way up to the top of Mount Lofty....

5. Along the river

There's something in our Bike SA hearts that makes us smile every time we see a kid on a bicycle. This was snapped along the Torrens during the Free Family Rive Ride.

6. Extra Cargo

There's something about dogs on bikes that's just totally awesome... that's right, we had canine participation this year.

7. The Family Snap

It's not just the photo we love here... it's the story behind the photo. The whole family (Grandpa included) rode Boileau VeloAdelaide cycling more than 80 kilometres through the hills. You guys rock!

7. Mr. Cool. 

The look in this kid's face... priceless. What a dude! We couldn't agree more: riding your bike does actually make you cool.

8. Thumbs Up 

Austin is a Bike SA legend... and rides just about every ride we have on offer. The fact he still managed to smile and put his thumbs up at the finish line deserves a mention.

9. A bicycle built for three 

Awww.... no explanation needed for this one.

10. Mateship

This is what it's all about... getting on your bike with mates and having an awesome time. These fella just rolled into the finish line when we snapped this. Well done guys!

If you'd like to see more photos of Boileau VeloAdelaide, check out our Flickr and Facebook Album. 

You can also buy photos on the day from the professional photographer Epsom Road Studios if you partcipated on the day. You just have to search for your rider number to find yourself. 

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