Tuesday 4 February 2014

Three reasons to ride the Adelaide Hills

Adelaide is blessed with one of the best cycling networks in the world, and it's right at our doorstep. That's right, we're talking about the Adelaide Hills. Here are 3 reasons to get on your bike and into the hills. 

1. It beats the gym 
The cover the New Yorker magazine at the launch of Citi Bikes

There are those that enjoy grinding out 30 minutes on a treadmill and there are those that love the real thing. Cruising through the Adelaide hills on a well-oiled two wheeled machine is a lot of fun, and can help you lose weight. 

Just take a look at Adelaide's Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood who managed to shed a whopping 18 kilograms by changing his diet and jumping on his bike more often. Part of his regime surely included getting out into the Adelaide hills by bike?

"I also ride my bike around the city to all my appointments," he told the Advertiser in an interview last year. 

2. You'll never, ever get bored when it comes to route choices

Credit: AdelaideNow

To say Adelaide cyclists are spoilt for choice is an understatement. There are hundreds of kilometres of roads which are just waiting for you to ride on. Corkscrew Road? Norton Summit? Gorge Road? There are enough routes to fill a lifetime. 

Make sure you check out this great list of different route options from mapping company Map My Ride and also a menu of rides we created for our upcoming Boileau VeloAdelaide event. 

3. What goes up must come down... 

While it's a hard slog going uphill, the downhill is definitely worth it. There are loads of amateur videos of cycling down Adelaide's hills. Here's one of them. 

But try it yourself for the real experience. 

If you want to experience cycling in the Adelaide Hills, Boileau VeloAdelaide is taking place on Sunday 23 March, and is the perfect chance to Ride the Heysen Tunnel, South Eastern Freeway and enjoy 35 kilometres of car free roads. 

More information can be found at www.bikesa.asn.au/veloadelaide

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